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CRM Configuration - Building a Customised CRM that Automates your Business Process

Crystal Dash CRM Software can help your business achieve increased productivity and better sales performance through access to accurate and updated customer data. But how do you build a better system that is tailored to your specific business needs? Crystal Dash gives you the option to build a customized CRM software that simplifies your business process.


What is CRM Configuration?

Configuration refers to the arrangement of the features in a specific combination according to what your company thinks it should prioritize. This means highlighting features in the CRM software that will help your company improve its work flow. To do this, you need to have a layout of your business work flow and a complete understanding of the roles and tasks of your sales team. This also means an understanding the setup of the software with the assistance of our staff to configure Crystal Dash CRM Software according to your needs.


Why is it Important to Configure a CRM based on your Business Work Flow?

Not all businesses follow the same customer relationship management system, that is why it is a challenge to transition seamlessly to a new CRM software without understanding the strengths and flaws in your business work flow. A software can only be good if it addresses your needs after all, so it isn’t just a matter of installing and running it. Implementation of the software solution is just as vital. This is done through analysis of the existing work flow and integrating it with your existing systems. The work flow should reflect the series of steps taken to close sales with current customers and how to chase leads using the prospects. This could consist of a diagram or a checklist. Work flow automation will give your company the following benefits: automation of manual processes to increase productivity; tasks can be delegated or distributed better; correspondences are sent on time; and integration with other systems become easier.


Viewing Integrated Dashboard and Reporting

Once the software has been configured according to the business work flow, it will then be easier for users to make use of the features. Fortunately, Crystal Dash CRM Software offers a customizable and integrated dashboard that is user-friendly. Each user can customize the dashboard to set schedules for follow-ups with potential customers, set a sales target and monitor progress, and manage contacts and opportunities at the touch of a button. This is complemented by the real-time sales reports for accurate and up-to-date information which can be filtered if you need to search for a specific data.


Tracking Leads Status and Opportunities

Each member of the sales team will be able to track the progress of the sales process for each customer or potential customer. Sales leads are listed under contacts that have not been qualified yet, which means that the salesperson still ahs to contact them to determine if they are potential buyers. Sales opportunities on the other hand have already been contacted and have expressed interest in purchasing a product and/or service. You can track all these because Crystal Dash can store complete client data that can even be customized based on the correspondences with the sales leads.


How to Customize Products/Services for Each Customer

In recent years, customers have become more tech-savvy and are able to express their concerns about products and/or services through the Internet. This has opened an opportunity for businesses to connect more personally with customers through customized products and/or services that acknowledge the uniqueness of each customer. Customization refers to the identification and marketing of specific products and/or services that the customer will most likely need or be willing to purchase. How is this done? With the help of Crystal Dash, you can give the customer a unique and pleasant experience through correspondences via email or voice call, advertising, analysis of purchase history, and offering interactive content.


Automating Business Processes with Crystal Dash

An automated work flow significantly reduces the manual workload of your sales staff so they can focus on increasing sales instead. But what areas of the sales process should be automated? Crystal Dash can help your sales team with distributing the lead and prospect assignments based on specific categories such as product and/or service, age, area, etc.; customer complaints can be addressed on time by assigning it to personnel based on the type of complaint or product and/or service; alerts, automated emails and other forms of correspondences are sent on time during special events; and the sales team can designate roles effectively for sales planning, activities, and creation of sales opportunities.


Integrating Workflow Automation among Company’s Departments

Workflow automation will not just work wonders for your sales team, but it can also be integrated with other existing systems across departments. Crystal Dash CRM Software allows for configurating triggers that will automatically set up a series of actions. This is not only used to answer correspondences from customers automatically, but also for processing customer leads using alerts, improving marketing campaigns, and automation of routine paper work, status reports, priority tasks, and many more.

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