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CRM Training with your Existing Workflow Mapped into the CRM

Startup and small companies can enjoy the same efficiency of a large company’s sales team with the help of Crystal Dash CRM Software because it harnesses the power of automated processes, so you will never lose a sales opportunity again. But CRM software can do more than just automated tasks, because you can get more solutions by integrating it into your existing workflow.


How CRM Can Improve Workflow

Efficient workflows integrated into the Crystal Dash CRM Software eliminates the need for performing repetitive tasks such as data entry which can be prone to errors and will take up most of the sales team’s time. A clean and simple interface that automate vital business processes will let you see gaps in your workflow. You can turn this into an opportunity to improve the performance of your sales team by targeting specific steps in the sales process and translating it into closing better sales deals faster.

Crystal Dash CRM Software will let your business shift from a transaction-focused workflow to a customer interaction-focused business process. How does this work? CRM software gathers and stores data such as customer service correspondences (call, emails, website input, etc.), sales records, and marketing platforms. These will for as a basis for the reports, activity trackers, sales analysis, and customizable features. The information generated from the sales analyses can then be used to find more leads, maintain customer retention, and an increase revenue.


Accurate Data Input and Sales Tracking

Data management is much easier with Crystal Dash CRM Software because it automatically records all the important metrics useful for a sales execution. Manual data entry is still necessary, but this is minimized because the software will automatically capture customer purchase activities, sales representative activities, and other information that may be vital for contacting the customer. Most importantly, however, the software is most useful for a centralized activity tracking. This means that if the customer contacts the company for an inquiry or a complaint, all departments will have the same access to the information about the previous interactions with the same customer. If customer A contacted a sales representative about a defective product a few weeks ago for example, the other sales representative who will answer the second time will know what the customer is talking about right away. Management of correspondences is simplified because the data is synchronized, and the customer will experience the same quality service he/she has encountered before.


Assigning Roles by Identifying Sales Gaps

You cannot grow your business if there are still gaps in your workflow that might be preventing your sales team from completing more sales opportunities. With the help of Crystal Dash CRM Software, integrating your work flow will make it easier for you to identify the bottlenecks in the process. To determine whether your business process is working, you need to look at the following variables: end market, good company messaging, lead generation, customer loyalty, marketing budget, attractive product and/or service offers, and profit goals. Although self-assessment among the sales team members is possible with the use of activity tracking, sales managers can unlock more potential from the personnel by focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. Capitalize on their strengths by assigning them to specific tasks such as lead generation and opportunity conversion which need different set of skills.


Customizing Opportunities with Customer Profiles

The sales pipeline will provide you with an updated and accurate visualization of all the sales opportunities your team must pursue as soon as possible. Crystal Dash CRM Software features a customizable product and/or service opportunity for customers who are more likely to purchase your product and/or service. The customization is generated through the analysis of the customer’s purchase history and interaction with the sales team. It is what the customer profile is made up of besides the contact information. This gives you a list of the products and/service that you can advertise or promote. Then, based on your sales workflow, the salesperson will try to convince the customer to keep purchasing the same product and/service or avail of new offers. Customers will feel that your company genuinely cares about their opinion and experience with your company. That’s how you sustain customer loyalty.


Creating Opportunities with Sales Leads

How will the sales team make use of the sales lead? Your company should not only focus o existing customers but in finding potential customers, too. With the help of Crystal Dash CRM Software, the sales team can track the lead source using the customer profile or the reporting system. Leads can then be sorted using filters based on age, location, activities, and buying cycle. All of these can be done within a few minutes, reducing the time it takes to gather all the necessary information before the salesperson can make the move to qualify the lead. Using the contact details, it would be easy to follow-up on leads that look promising so that the team will not waste time on investment and advertising efforts that will not likely be converted into an opportunity.


Crystal Dash is just the first step to generating higher sales revenue, but an understanding of the core business workflow and how to integrate it with the CRM software are the keys to maximizing the benefits of a robust customer relationship management system.

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