Business Process Automation

Crystal Dash CRM Features

This smart CRM gives you insights of the current status of your business in a useful and easy-to-understand manner. It offers you an efficient solution to make business processes and customer relationships easier. 

  • No more messy spreadsheets for customer information records
  • Providing you with a all-in-one database for complete client data
  • Allowing for more time to build strong relationships with clients and make more sales
  • Freeing more time and effort , which can be allocated for generating more profit
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Stronger Business Productivity

Integrated Dashboard

Customise your own opportunities

Every client is a brand new opportunity. Together with our CRM, we enable you to generate custom opportunity templates for your respective customers, helping you to manage and grow them effectively.

Set your team sales target

With the Dashboard, your sales team will never lose sight of their sales target. The company would be able to set the respective targets, and help your team to achieve them via a cloud tracking modulation installed right inside the heart of our CRM.

Never miss your follow-ups

With the cloud computation, the Dashboard allows both the users as well as the management to track all the overdue follow ups, and ensure that no customers are ever lost due to busyness of day to day sales activities.

Motivate Your Team

With the cloud CRM, every sales person in the organisation will know about the biggest as well as the latest won sales via their own personal dashboard. This will motivate driven sales people to be the next top sales person noticed by your company top management.

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Stronger Business Productivity

Sales Activity Tracker

This in-built tracking mechanism in Crystal Dash CRM aims to help your company simplify your sales processes. Instead of having a bobo shooter mentality to sales, with the in-built tracking dashboard and reports, we can define the sales process.

This also helps to create more opportunities for greater accountability as well as more data for personalized sales team coaching. This feedback which refreshes real time, will act as a signpost to individual sales person on where they are at right now, and how much more effort they need to put in to get to where they want to go. 

Stronger Business Productivity

Analytical Real Time Sales Reports

1. Follow Up

2. If Integrated with Crystal Dash VoIP module, Ability to view Last Called status and date/time stamp to the caller.

Able to tell what was the call status: unvailabe, Success, Invalid Number, Not Called Yet and also who was the Sales/CS rep who called out

3. Sales and CS reps can now easily see all contacts that they need to follow up for today. COntacts that are scheduled to follow up today will automatically appear at the top of the main Prospects List as wel 5 mins (configurable) before the follow up time. Never miss a follow up time schedule now with automated follow up reminders.

4. Column sortable to sort Highest Priority/Potential

Stronger Business Productivity

Automated Follow Up Reminder

Track Your Total Company New Cases

This analytical feature will compute the closing % ratio of your individual as well as entire sales team, which will help to simplify future sales projection for your company.

Compile the reasons for losing the company sale

This pie chart will enable your team to figure out at one glance the common reasons for losing the customer sale. By knowing this, your company would be able to iterate your sales process, and improve your company sales closure rates.

Sales Pipeline

This filter chart allows us to see all all the sales prospects in our pipeline, which can be segregated based upon individual as well as on a company level. Sales forecasting will be made easier as we can now project the possible sales closure within the coming quarter.

Arow out, Overview of Top Won Accounts

This bar chart allows a quick summary of your company's top achievers as well as best won accounts. For performance bonus computing as well as company sales health, this summary serves as a good leading performance indicator.

Overview of Top Pending Accounts

Using this bar chart, management can see at one glance all the high value cases that are still pending, and might need closer attention to close.

Overview of company sales activity

This reporting dashboard allows management level to identify the leading performance indicators of every sales person, as well as a whole company's total sales activity level. This activity level indicator serves to determine the business performance for the next two quarters of the year.

Stronger Business Productivity

Sync Appointments to Mobile Calendar

Stronger Business Productivity

Tight Collaboration among Cross-Departments (Sales, Operation, Finance, Marketin, Etc.)

With our time-stamped notes as well as team sharing CRM capabilities, Crystal Dash CRM enables unparalleled collaboration among sales teammates, cross department support as well as team managers working closely with their team

Stronger Business Productivity

VoIP Phone Calls Integration to CRM

Crystal Dash CRM is the Only CRM out there in the market, that enables users to not just have sales activity details upon completion, it also entables VoIP integration for users to experience integrated call activities as well as call history tied to the Cloud Panel itself.

So if you are looking for an experience that can surpass your prior understanding of other CRM, feel free to take us for a test drive so that we can unleash your business potential too.

Stronger Business Productivity

Call History Tracking & Voice Recording

With our cloud system, we enable your company to track your calls right down to the recording level. As such, if you ever need to monitor company call activity performance, you just need to head towards the call reporting feature to view all the critical details.

Stronger Business Productivity

Company Synchronized Phonebook

With a synchronized Cloud Phonebook, we enable high availability for your entire business team, should they require to work outside the office and make business calls. The phonebook also allows team succession should there be any new staff or replacement for the staff that had just left.

Furthermore, with the admin permission settings, we can enable or restrict team members from viewing or adding or even editing existing details within the Cloud Phonebook.

Stronger Business Productivity

Create Customized Opportunities and Products/Services

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