You already have a CRM software in place. You’ve got it up and running and have benefitted from its many features for years. Your sales team has been using it to track leads, forecasts sales and organize contacts. Basically, the system gets you functioning and you are pleased with its results.

However, deep inside you, you know you can do better and perhaps feel that somehow your system is a little outdated. To give your business that little more lift and make your good performance better (or even best), here are some new CRM features from Crystal Dash that you might want to integrate to your company’s customer relationship management system.

  1. Intuitive Sales Analytics

One of the top reasons why businesses in Singapore employ CRM softwares is that they want accurate sales reports at the end of the week, month, quarter or year. Coming up with accurate reports can be daunting, especially for medium to large corporations, without the automation brought by a CRM solution. However, a great CRM software will not only provide sales reports, it should also be able to give you intuitive analytics to help come up with more effective sales and marketing plans to further boost your business profitability.

  1. Automated Follow-Ups

Timely follow-ups with prospective customers are essential to making successful deals. While some customers come straight at you and make a purchase right away, others need more pursuing and time. For the latter, you have to build and slowly nurture the bond by keeping the relationship warm. Crystal Dash’s automated follow-up feature is a marketing function that will help streamline your process of sending personalized emails at certain intervals to your prospects and contacts. Of course, you can set the feature to exclude those prospects that reply to your e-mails from the next batch of follow-up mails.

  1. Sales Team Collaboration

Gone are the days when CRM software serves only as a centralized data collection device. Today, they are well equipped to help salespeople make better sales and management. Part of the sales empowerment feature of CRM is the feature that allows managers and sales team members to be involved in a particular project or sales opportunity. Any communication, activity or accomplished task by a team member is instantly shared to and can be viewed by the rest of the team. In that way, no activities are duplicated and others will know which step comes next for them, therefore ensuring collaboration is always a success.

  1. Task Management

Task management in the sales processes is as important as the sales process itself. The task management feature of a CRM software will empower your organization to work for more efficient data reporting and management. A comprehensive task manager, like that of Crystal Dash, ensures that your sales and marketing tasks are completed properly and on time. It helps coordinate multiple departments or a team and collaborate effectively among salespeople.

  1. Centralized Phone Book System

Five years ago, CRM have moved to the cloud technology. This created a great impact to businesses and industries, as many CRM solutions can be accessed anywhere, as long as you have internet connection. Because of this, companies have been enjoying the benefits of centralized phone book systems, which made follow-up messaging and relationship management with customers easier. Being able to access records from anywhere and to update data in real-time have become a great ingredient to closing more deals among businesses in Singapore.

  1. User Rights Management

Perhaps, you’re thinking that being able to access records through the internet jeopardizes the security of confidential data. With Crystal Dash, you are able to set permission rights for every user, making sure that team members and other employees are only able to access and view information that’s relevant to them. You can mix and match these permissions per user to make the setting work effectively for the entire team. For example, you can let your sales representatives view everything, but only allow them to edit the files they own.

  1. Reporting and Dashboards

Reporting and dashboard feature of a CRM software show real-time updates from various modules like your leads, sales opportunities and accounts. You can view information and data as it is happening. You can even personalize these dashboards to display only the most relevant records and reports at a glance. With this feature, you can gain deeper understanding of your operation’s behaviour and your clients’ activities. You can monitor performance across your business, including the sales trends, marketing analytics, customer profiles and case reports.

Regardless of the size of your business, as long as you aim for growth (which most of business owners do), you need to upgrade and keep your system updated of the best CRM features. If you are ready to give your CRM system and your business output a boost, Crystal Dash will have it done for you. Call us now to find the perfect CRM package that matches your company.

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