If you are a sales manager of a company, you probably have a clear idea and experience of how difficult it is to keep your sales and people in check, while also ensuring that your deadlines are always met.

Surprisingly though, your and your team’s performance is related to the usage of a CRM software. Usage of the right CRM software is equal to productive and happy sales team.

Let us explain that further and show you how a manager like you can increase your company’s sales with the help of a CRM solution.

  1. Open Communication Lines

In any team, every person’s efforts count. So, communicate with your team and coordinate every department’s activities while conducting pitches. Being engaged with your people is something every manager should always do. By keeping tasks organized through clear communication lines, you can guarantee there’s nothing missed that may jeopardize the company’s customer relations and overall productivity.

  1. Efficient Allocation of Representatives

Allocation of sales or marketing representatives depends on the type of client, the level of follow up and the marketing strategy needed to be done. As the manager, you are expected to handle this task and ensure that every client—current or future—is assigned to a specific individual in the team or to a certain department. A good CRM software can help you decide on which handles whom.

  1. Keeping Track of Projects

CRM solutions are not only for managing customer relationships—they are also imperative for keeping track of your targets, achievements, projects in progress and projects completed. You will know which projects to tackle immediately and to whom to assign a certain project. In short, a CRM software provides you a bird’s eye view of the status of your team’s activities and transactions.

  1. Sharing of Documents and Resources

With a CRM solution in place, you are able to share important customer records with your team. The ability to update records and sync the updated version to everyone’s device through the internet will save  your team significant amount of time and effort from manually updating records in each PC—and therefore having more time to complete tasks that directly boosts the business’ bottom line.

  1. Doing Your Own Research

It is not enough to just take what your sales representatives present to you. Do your own research to see if those figures are truly what they seem to be. It’s not that you do not trust your people; it just pays to have a closer look of how the team achieved that number. By researching, you will have an idea on what you can do to boost your output up a notch and know whether the business is progressing or not. Remember that your representatives have different levels of experiences, and may not be able to tell whether things are progressing or just playing dead in the water. Do some digging in your CRM software to see for yourself what’s really going on.

  1. Staying Updated With Tasks

A human’s brain is naturally forgetful, so don’t assume that you or your sales reps will always remember when to call back, follow up or meet clients. Keep into consideration client’s behaviour when closing a deal. Many prospective customers request for a personal meeting, followed by a proposal request that requires follow-up messaging. This is when reminders for follow up calls, meetings and other miscellaneous tasks come in handy. A CRM software like Crystal Dash is equipped with reminders and notifications to ensure that you are always updated and on time.

  1. Evaluating Prospects

While it’s tempting to expand your reach to prospect clients outside of your target market in order to hit your quota, it is really not a good idea. Reaching out to non-fitting targets will only waste you and your team’s precious time and effort. Additionally, non-fitting targets are more likely to turn you down, so why not focus your company’s resources to high-quality prospects? Use your CRM software’s evaluation feature to detect which prospects to focus on and which to let go.

  1. Monitoring Important Records

A business needs to secure a lot of records that will help generate cash flow. Those records may contain the details of your biggest clients and your most trusted suppliers. These details are extremely confidential and too critical for your company if lost. A CRM software allows you to encrypt any data before uploading it, set passwords to cloud storages, authorize individuals who can access to certain data and  detect any changes made to profiles by notifying you accordingly, so that your records remains accurate and information does not get derailed.

If you want to integrate these practices easily into your day-to-day duties as an effective sales manager, get yourself a reliable CRM software. Crystal Dash is one of the leading CRM software used by sales managers and representatives in Singapore. It provides features that allow you to manage your team better and reach your sales goals efficiently and surprisingly trouble-free.

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