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The Ultimate CRM Software for Sales and Operations Management

About CRM Software

CRM Key Features

  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Phone Calls / VoIP Integration
  • Cloud-Based CRM
  • Reports, Business Analytics and Dashboards
  • Fast Quotation, Invoicing, Delivery Order
  • Sales Process Automation
  • Sales Team Collaboration
  • Set Permission Rights for Each User
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Stronger Business Productivity

Increasing Sales Productivity with Crystal Dash CRM Software

See the bigger picture, access holistic customer data, automate sales processes and prioritize more critical tasks with Crystal Dash CRM Software.

Call History Features

Return important missed calls right away and view details of all incoming and outgoing calls.


Know who called you

Know whether the call is from an important client, a business partner or from other department.


View all missed calls

Missed caller did not leave a voice mail? No problem. Give them a return call right away.


Monitor call recording

View incoming and outgoing calls, and listen to employee’s calls as well.


Call history reports

You won’t miss a thing. You will know who, when, where and how long every call through call history reports.

Cloud Phone Book

Manage all of your contacts from one place. Unify your address books, remove duplicates, and back up to a secure cloud service.


Unified Phone Book

The phonebook is available on Windows, Mac, Android & iOS apps and also synchronized across all IP phones.


Separate Individual Phone Book

Set between generally visible, only visible to certain groups, and personal entries.


Import & Export Phone Book Contacts

Import or Export phonebook entries from a CSV file.


Centralized Phone Book System

Phone book are shared and sync across multiple users, extensions are automatically added to the phonebook, private flag available for each extension.


The security offered by cloud system is much like the security you get from an on-premise data center, but minus the pricey costs of maintaining hardware and facilities. With the cloud system, there’s no need to manage actual, on-premise storage devices or servers. Instead, software-based security tools are used to protect and monitor the flow of information into and of out of your cloud resources.



With Crystal Dash, you have the option to prevent system breakdowns during high-traffic times by upgrading your cloud functions. After the high-traffic, you can scale it back down to reduce expenses.


High Availability

Real-time monitoring 24/7—including holidays! Redundancy function is built-in to always make sure that your company website and applications stay online every minute of every day.

Trusted By Clients

Clients Testimonials & Partners


Task Management

Smart Organizational Tool for Better Productivity

This app’s features will make employee tasks monitoring and delegations simple and efficient, allowing salespersons to convert prospects into partners.

  • Set and manage tasks and appointments
  • Easy and convenient calendar management
  • File repository for all the materials you need
  • Portable with several file type of Mac and Windows format.

Intuitive Sales Analytics

Smart Software for Your Sales Team

Managing large number of clients and monitoring sales and other transactions is critical to any business operations. That’s why we’ve come up with an application that will be able to assist professionals manage operations, save processing time and help develop healthy clientele relationships.

Here’s what Crystal Dash software can offer you:

  • Do-Not-Call (DNC) Filtering
  • Real Time Calling and Auto Dialing
  • Mass Communication Functions (Custom-Made SMS and Emails)
  • Task and Lead Manager
  • Recorded History and Activity Tracker

Reports and Dashboards

Efficient Management of Transaction Records

Incoming cash flow is the bread-and-butter of every business and Crystal Dash lets you streamline the processes of providing invoices and quotations to clients.

Some of its useful features are:

  • Generation of reusable templates for invoices and quotations
  • Integrated emails and reminders for leads
  • Addition of reusable elements (such as fees, taxes and items)

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