As a Sales Manager or Director, we face multiple issues with sales management on a daily basis. The company’s top line is dependent on our and our team’s performance, and sales numbers are constantly at the top of our minds every hour of the day.

Here are the top 3 issues which sales managers in various industries which I’ve spoken to, face in their role and ways to solve them.

1. Unable to Track Leads and Follow ups

Many sales managers across different industries have difficulty tracking how many leads are received and how many follow ups are being done on a daily basis with the leads that the company has collected. Advertising and customer acquisition budgets are spent, but if the enquiries which come in through email and phone call are not actively tracked and pursued, marketing dollars flow down the drain.

The ability to track the number of leads received from different advertising campaigns is next to impossible without the right system. An automated Voice over IP system to track enquiries received from different marketing channels help to ascertain which avenues give the best bang for the buck.

In addition, follow ups are problematic without the right processes. After all, a Sales Manager cannot be micro-managing their salespersons’ email accounts to see if all enquiries are being answered and then, after a few days, checked up on for the status. Customer Relationship Management software help to make this process much more efficient with information consolidated on one page to help Sales Managers ensure that their team members are doing their job.

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2. Manual Tracking Makes for Tedious Management

Many sales teams I’ve met still use excel spreadsheets to track their inbound sales enquiries and follow ups. Not only is this highly time wasting, it is also extremely ineffective sales management because of the inability to identify the number of sales enquiries to follow up ratio, and the follow up to sales ratio. Salespersons also have to spend many hours updating their excel spreadsheets each time there is a contact made with the customer, and then many more hours in a month for sales reporting. Time could be better spent establishing contact with the prospects instead on paperwork.

Crystal Dash Customer Relationship Management features streamlines this process such that every follow up is recorded and feeds into the reporting function. Hence, salespersons do not need to do double work and sales managers are able to get a bird’s eye view on the statuses of every prospect.

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3. No Clear Picture on Sales Pipeline

There are many steps in a sales funnel, and multiple contacts are often required to establish a single sale. If information on the number of leads, follow ups and potential sales are not available, it is difficult for Sales Managers to ascertain whether their sales targets at the end of the month will be met. Generating reports from excel spreadsheets is highly time consuming, and Sales Managers have better things to do than sitting in front of their computers generating graphs and charts.

Crystal Dash CRM helps Sales Managers by generating all these reports at one click. Because all the information is already keyed into the system by salespersons, Sales Managers are always at the top of their sales game with information on how much revenue the sales team will be able to generate for the company in a month, the next few months and even up to a year.

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