Customer relationship management (CRM) has always been the top priority of businesses in Singapore. Managing customer relationships is the key to success. Unfortunately, as the business grows—more employees are hired, more outlets are put up and more products are develop and released—customer relationships is set aside. You may have more customers as you continue to expand, but you no longer have the same understanding and detailed information of each of them like you did when you were starting up.

Here comes CRM software, a solution built especially to overcome challenges related to customer relationships. Previously a necessity for large businesses, CRM solutions is now a must-have feature for small and medium enterprises. The software’s ability to understand services and products, detect emerging trends, weed out unprofitable customers and advertise products more effectively are all important for any business. Why? For steady (or even fast) growth and better revenue.

If you’re still not convinced of its benefits, here are more reasons why purchasing a CRM solution is the best decision you will ever make for the progress of your company.

  1. Centralized Data

Old school systems use paper and pencil or Excel spreadsheets to keep track of every client data. When you do not have a stable filing system, it’s easy to lose all of your records. Worst case scenario, even if you have a stable drawer of files, natural calamities like flood or fire can burn your files down and lose it forever.

With a CRM solution, you can store all your data in the web, which means there’s no need to worry about physically losing important client records. Although there is a risk of data being hacked and stolen, choosing a CRM solution with superior security system, like that of Crystal Dash, will guarantee that all of your records and transaction are kept in a safe place. Crystal Dash allows you to encrypt your files before uploading it to the cloud to make sure 100% security and confidentiality of records.

  1. Easier Team Collaboration

Since a CRM solution centralizes all information of current and future clients, it can serve as a rally point for different departments of your company. Collaborative works with the support, sales and marketing teams can be challenging, and without teamwork from the these departments, your clients are the ones to suffer the consequences.

Lack of cooperation between different departments is one of the sources of bad customer service—and among the top causes of why a business loses a customer. A CRM solution can help by assigning specific tasks to employees and see how each task completes the bigger picture. Thanks to its centralized function, everyone can access and add to the existing information in the system.

  1. Tracking of Leads

A CRM solution also keeps track of leads. If you don’t have a CRM software in place, you will have to manually take note and remind yourself which leads need follow-up or need closing. With a reliable CRM, all your prospect customers are arranged and organized in the system. You won’t have a hard time distinguishing which of them needs a call back or who requires more convincing.

Also, with all information being tracked, it helps you analyze the stand of the client on a certain service or product you market to them based on his or her records in your system. With all the relevant data you have on hand, you can develop a marketing strategy that works best on the type of audience that are likely to be drawn into your business. 

  1. Access to Information Anytime, Anywhere

Having 24/7 access to data anywhere is the reality of today’s business era. Leading CRM solutions provide mobile applications that allow you to integrate and use its functions to work in remote areas.

With it being hosted in the cloud, your employees in the field can access important records and files through their laptop or smartphone to be able to complete their projects and duties from outside the office. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about tricky VPN connections and no additional infrastructure expenses to keep your data secured.

  1. Updated Reports and Company Status

A CRM solution also keeps track of completed and current projects and transactions, as well as keeps a detailed report of all tasks done in the past week, month or year; therefore, allowing you to see the current status of your company.

Moreover, it shows the status of unfinished projects—how far the project has been, what still needs to be done to complete it and what the target goals are of the project. With all these information readily available in the dashboard, you will immediately know if you can handle another project. If you have a free employee or team, you can delegate the new task or project to them, instead.

There so many reasons to integrate a CRM solution to your business. And while there are endless of options available in the market, Crystal Dash is one of the best that combines flexibility, power and ease of use. All of the points mentioned above (and a whole lot more!) have made Crystal Dash one of the leading CRM solutions in the market today.

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