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Business Consultation - Understanding your Business Workflow and Gaps

The workflow provides a clear visual representation of the business process and allows for an eagle’s eye view of possible bottlenecks in the sales and purchases. This is why an understanding of the process is critical in identifying the gaps and improving overall sales production. With the help of an efficient and accurate customer relationship management (CRM) system like Crystal Dash, your business can build on its strengths and improve the weak points in its workflow.


Why It’s More Efficient to Have an Integrated CRM

The purpose of a CRM is organizing, managing, and tracking all the information related to customer interactions, activities, and information. You can use these to better understand your customer’s needs and reward their loyalty with better products and/or services, possibly identify potential customers by creating prospect profiles, and to formulate the right message you want the public to understand about your company. It helps clear up misunderstanding and minimize delays between teams and not just within the sales department, but to also make management easier using tools that are easy to use.

Crystal Dash provides you with a sophisticated CRM software to help you and your business organize important information about your customers. What’s more, an integrated CRM allows your business to seamlessly incorporate your company’s existing website so that any automation done on the site is recorded under the existing and potential customer activity. The goal of the integrated CRM is not just to retain and attract customers, but to improve areas such as efficiency, profits, visibility to the public, and productivity. By focusing on core areas of business management, the other areas such as sales, marketing, customer service, operations, and finance will also grow.


Using Sales Pipeline to Identify Gaps

A competitive business world means that most information used nowadays are processed digitally. Although this make automation and storage a lot easier for most entrepreneurs, the key to success is understanding the sales pipeline first and foremost. With Crystal Dash, managers have an up-to-date, accurate, and holistic view of the sales process. Specifically, the sales pipeline is made to function as a guide for the prospects in sales and what is expected of the sales team’s performance within a given period.

How can this help your business exactly? Crystal Dash features a sales activity trackers, sales reports, and customization of opportunities and products and/or services that you can use to improve the performance of your sales team. Meetings are more productive because you will know which areas need improvement and what your team’s strengths. This means you know exactly what your sales opportunities are, what topics you need to discuss in a meeting, and you know how to use sales forecasting more effectively. Knowing how to motivate the team based on information provided in the sales pipeline will result in an increase revenue growth because your company has a more defined process in selling its products and/or services and has a shorter sales cycle.


Improving Fast Quotation and Invoicing

Any business should have a solid system for cataloging products and/or services, because this is the basis for the generation of orders, quotations, and invoices. Included in the list are important information relevant to the products and/or services such as price and discount, which might be tailored specifically to each customer. Normally, a quote is turned into an order once approved by the customer, but the sales team can proceed to creating an order even without the quotation.  Moreover, an invoice can be created even without a quotation.

There are a lot of software available nowadays that can make this process easier and eliminates the manual creation of quotes and invoices, but Crystal Dash offers more seamless features that your company will find invaluable. Quotations and invoices can be fully customized and supports additional features such as cataloguing, taxes, discounts, other fees, unit price and quantity, email and customer information, company information, payment due or due date details, and more. The feature can even be used for storing details about leads and deals, as well as alerts and updates, in case your sales team wants to follow-up on some prospects.


Better Team Collaboration through VoIP and Integrated Notes on CRM

If your company has an existing VoIP service, you have an even greater advantage over your competitors if you allow integration with Crystal Dash. Specifically, VoIP and CRM integration allows for recording of real-time call data. This eliminated the manual input of notes whenever important information during the call needs to be recorded. So, how is this useful for customer management? By tailoring your service to your loyal customers, you can be assured that they will always have a satisfactory customer experience.

Team collaboration will also improve through the closed-loop analytics. This interaction refers to the interchange of customer information across departments that are integral in the analysis of customer behavior, marketing, and advertising or campaigning. The goal is to increase efficiency through better data-sharing, so that the departments can focus on sales leads and higher conversions.


Overall Excellent Customer Management with Crystal Dash

Excellent customer service should be a top priority of every company because in this digital age, you can easily lose the loyalty of customers who are tech-savvy and usually have a short attention span. Remember that most customers nowadays will use their phones and computers to research about the products and/or services before making decisions, so your goal is to meet that expectation by providing them with a good experience every time.

Crystal Dash can help you keep in touch with your customer’s needs by proactively anticipating their needs. This attention to detail can make customers feel that you value their support and that you will respond to their requests and complaints on time.

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